#56. Double-Crossed

When you first came
Who would have thought how
Wide and complex you
Would spin your web
Around this home.
Little innocuous lies
And various indiscretions
We fell prey to them all.
Each time would we brush off
The problems and dust off
The cobwebs and make our home
Our own again.
But the spider would always come back
With silken pyramids greater than the last.

You see, it’s not about
Cleaning out the spider webs.
You’ll never be rid of them all
Until you wash out the Spider.

This is the tale of you;
A spider
Cut off from its own web.

It’s never an easy feeling to cut someone loose. You were our test. One of tolerance, patience, compassion. Did we fail? I try so hard to assuage the bitter feeling inside.

But no matter how much I feel that we let you, and in some ways, ourselves down, I know that you let us down first. And I’m tired of trying to help you when you don’t try to help yourself first. Not only that, but you betrayed our trust. Not once, but countless times. We helped you so many times that we’ve been bled dry. Now it’s us who needs saving.

And so I’ve convinced myself that disavowing you is the best way to rid ourselves of the toxins you have put in our lives. I don’t want to live always looking over my shoulder. I’m through with locked doors and safes. I’m done being a prisoner in my own house.


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