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#57. A Wishlist

So I made a wish list. Yes, slightly disingenuous of a person who has been claiming that she wants to save money. But then again, I have no intention of actually buying these items. Not in the near future anyway.

I just thought I’d put it here, you know, as a kind of visual organiser for my giddy spendthrift brain. A concrete list that I can refer to whenever the impulse to shop indiscriminately kicks in, so as to remind myself that there are things I already have in mind. A long-term target check-list of sorts, thereby reining in my shopaholic proclivities on the short-term.

Believe me, there’s so much more I want, and this list is merely a work in progress, so up it goes on my main menu permanently, where I can continually update it. As of this moment, I’ve taken pains to only include what I consider a reasonable number. And I’ve also attempted to have them revolve around real needs I have, in order to furnish practicality and diminish frivolity.

So, lads and lasses, this is my little wish list. Indulge my whims and patronise my fancies. Take my wants seriously, or not —you have the pleasure of not having to make choices. In the end, that’s my prerogative.

But for now, enjoy.


Tech Toys:

MaCO Pack of Three in WhiteMaCO in White

1. MaCO (Magnetic Cable Organiser) in White from Three1Design
We all know how much of a mood killer tangled cables can be. This nifty little fella saw its inception on the Kickstarter funding programme, and its simple yet innovative solution to an age-old annoyance won over consumers. No more twisting wire ties or cheap rubber bands; just attach to the cable of choice, and be amazed by how fast it takes to open and secure the magnetic closure.

Frends Ella Rose Gold HeadPhones

2. Ella Rose Gold Headphones from Frends
Kiss your mediocre Apple Earpiece goodbye, and say hello to some ear candy. You say rose gold, I say I’m in.

Emma Lomax Airplane Worldwide Travel Adaptor

3. Airplane Worldwide Adaptor from Emma Lomax
A travel adaptor is always handy for a globetrotter. And I am (hopefully) anticipating more trips to Europe with my move to the UK, so this will be most useful.

Cuyana Leather Laptop Sleeve in Blush

Cuyana Leather Laptop Sleeve in Blush (13 Inches)

4. Leather Laptop Sleeve in Blush (Size: 13″) with Monogramming from Cuyana
One might notice a certain unapologetic predisposition towards pink and rose shades on this page. The first of such manifestations is this leather laptop sleeve from one of my new favourite brands, Cuyana.


The Daily Edited Pale Pink Passport Holder

5. Pale Pink Passport Holder with gold monogrammed lower-case initials from The Daily Edited
Now I love my country, what with her golden jubilee and my Instagram declaration that I would never trade my Singapore passport for any other. That said, the brilliant shade of red is rather flamboyant for me and I feel mildly self-conscious about it. Since I was a child, it has been safely concealed in a cheap grey plastic cover with my name scrawled in black marker ink. After a lifetime of wear, I think a nice reserved shade of blushing pink with elegant monogramming would be a welcomed change.

Cuyana Canvas Overnight Bag in Navy

6. Canvas Overnight Bag in Navy from Cuyana
I have never owned a good bag for carry-on luggage or short trips. This has often resulted in me just bringing a regular bag on flights, which means I often over pack my check-in, or having to lug around a bulky 29 inch wheeler for an overnight getaway. Classy. On my last trip, a weekend away in Malaysia, my lack of decent travel valises saw me struggle past the border with a haphazard assortment of miniature rucksacks, reusable totes and plastic bags. After which, I vowed I would commit to a sturdy singular bag. I’m a big fan of Cuyana products for their high quality make, brand philosophy and excellent customer service. This blue beauty is the best I’ve found that is the most practical and stylish without a hefty price tag. An all-leather piece (like most sold by avant-garde brands) would be too much of a hassle, so the canvas body is easily more functional. The leather trims, however, keep things sophisticated.

Beauty Tools:

ghd V Rose Gold Styler

7. ghd V Rose Gold Styler available on or (selected international destinations)
ghd make one of the best hair straighteners on the market, if not the best. I don’t currently own my own straightener (I steal my mother’s), but once I move to the UK, I’m on my own. This bad boy comes with a heat-resistant carrying case and mat, protective plate guards and two sectioning clips. Plus it’s rose gold. Who can resist?

ghd Air Vintage Pink Hairdryer

8. ghd AIR® Vintage Pink Hairdryer also available on (selected international destinations)
Next up in the pink corner is something I like not simply for aesthetic, but for its relation to breast cancer. I enjoy when brands are socially responsible because restores the proverbial faith in humanity, and justifies and otherwise impulsive purchase. The best part is that every sale contributes £10.00 to Breast Cancer Now, the UK’s largest breast cancer charity.

Lip Products:

Tom Ford Lip Colour in True Coral (T0T3)

9. Tom Ford Lip Colour in True Coral (T0T3)

Let’s face it: anyone willing to pay over 50 bucks for a lipstick must be cognitively impaired. Well it’s too bad that my love for make-up is immovable. Yes, it’s Tom Ford, and honestly, you’re paying for the brand and packaging, but with ingredients such as Soja Seed Extract, Brazillian Murumuru Butter and Chamomilla Flower Oil, it promises a buttery smooth finish. And I don’t have a coral lip shade. One for the collection would be perfect.

Nail Polish:

Victoria Beckham x Nails Inc Nail Lacquer in Judo Red

10. Victoria, Victoria Beckham x Nails Inc Nail Lacquer in Judo Red from Sephora
Described as a vibrant tomato shade, this polish, born from Nail Inc’s collaboration with the former Spice Girl, is the perfect warm-toned orange-red. Not to mention, the matte white bottle is apparently made from Venetian glass. Nice.

Smith & Cult Bitter Buddhist Nail Lacquer

11. Smith & Cult Bitter Buddhist Nail Lacquer from Net-A-Porter or Birchbox (UK)
Unconventional but still wearable, this Opaque celedon green shade is unique enough to warrant a second glance. With tones of green, grey and blue, this colour is a pretty picture for your digits.

Bags & Pouches:

Cuyana Oversized Carryall Tote in SableCuyana Oversized Carryon Tote in Sable 2

12. Oversized Carryall Tote in Sable from Cuyana
It’s been a while since I’ve owned a regular bag. I usually just slug around canvas totes or my Balenciaga. Unfortunately my ‘investment’ piece isn’t everyday fare, and I much favour roomier bags. I’ve also gotten to the stage where cheap graphic totes can come across a tad informal. This leather purse checks out in size and style (I don’t like boxy-looking bags), and it’s not too expensive an item to give me doubts about carrying it all day. I want to get use out of and not baby it. The presence of both top handles and extended shoulder straps is much appreciated, whilst the dreamy sable hue is a chic alternative to black.

Louis Vuitton Key Pouch Monogram Empreinte Leather Key And Card Holder

13. Louis Vuitton Key and Card Pouch in Monogram Empreinte Leather (Noir)
I am desperately in need of a legitimate key pouch. I have had enough of loose, jangly keys submerged in my bag, where I can never locate them. They scratch my other stuff no less, or else they’re always catching in any fabric lined items.

Beach Items:

The Beach People The Majorelle Roundie

The Beach People Majorelle Roundie 2

14. The Majorelle Roundie from The Beach People (Also available on Hunters & Gatherers and Beginning Boutique)
A round towel —now that’s right up my street. Really, who says towels have to be rectangular or square? Geometry aside, this is so shamelessly hipster that I will admit I want it. The print is absolutely gorgeous. And let’s face it, the prospect of moving to a country where beach visits are scarce to none has made me yearn for returns to sunny beaches. I have packed my days with chill beach outings while I still can.

The Beach People Jute Bag

15. Jute Bag from The Beach People (Also available on Beginning Boutique)
Maybe I’m just iffy with sand getting on my possessions, but it’s such a mood spoiler to have to dust all the grit out of your pretty bags. And spending all your time trying to make sure your bag remains sand-free is no way to have fun by the coast. The hessian fabric of this body is casual enough that you won’t be babying your bag, but the overall shape and leather straps will still guarantee you look effortlessly chic.


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