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Just a quick word from me about my other blog that I started with my friend, Dan. Do hop on over there to check out our reviews of anything music, dance, and drama. We’re doing a weekly round-up of the latest season of America’s Best Dance Crew (ABDC). If any of you have been following the competition, you can read our reviews on the group performances, our elimination predictions, and comment on your own opinion as well!

Here are blurbs of the pieces I have written on the topic.

ABDC Season 8: Judging the Judges“Okay, so let’s be real here. After two episodes, I think the judges need their own critique as well. Badly. To start, I wasn’t exactly thrilled when I first found out none of the former ABDC judges would be returning. No Shane Sparks. Not even JC Chasez or Lil Mama. So when Season 8 premièred, and I witnessed first-hand the calibre of the new panel, you’d best believe I was cringing.

Maybe I’m being too hard on them. But when the bar has been raised that high, anything less just cheapens the competition. My main gripe with the line-up in general is the lack of constructive criticism, ‘constructive’ being the operative term. Yes, they ‘critique’ the performances. But any Joe round the corner can say, “Oh that was bad.” That counts as a form of ‘critique’. What I want is a technical evaluation of the dancing, the routines, or a take on their creative artistry. Not just a lame ‘Oh that was wicked’ or ‘man, ya’ll did some sick shit’. You are a judge on a dance competition, and that kind of assessment doesn’t cut it.”

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ABDC Season 8

“First to heat up the stage, I’m not surprised that Super Cr3w were saved first, between them and Elektrolytes. Their Week 2 performance was the strongest of the lot, even if I’m loathe to admit it. So and it’s not surprising that this week’s routine felt a little uneventful in comparison. For starters, I’m bothered by a new conundrum: my issue with them is the elevation of tricks over actual dancing. But now they’re adding more ‘dance’ to the mix, just not of the quality I expect. Or maybe I’m hard to please. In any case, performing to Baby Baby by Tropkillaz, I rather enjoyed that rotating formation, or as Teyana put it, “Kaleidoscope” that they came up with. The shedding of the hoodies and all? Ingenious. But I do concur with Teyana. For a Fashion challenge, I felt that the group didn’t showcase the garments adequately. I mean, there was a tonne of undressing and all, but it was mostly just lip service to the theme requirement. Notwithstanding, a good nod to creativity, and we’ll see if their slump is a case of peaking too early.”

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Other than that, we have Album of the Week posts featuring lesser-known bands, I occasionally delve into the latest in the choral and a cappella scene, and we also cover dance styles other than hip hop, like ballet. So if you’re into all that good stuff, please check us out, and support us by following our blog. There’s a link in the sidebar for e-mail subscriptions so that you won’t miss any published content. We’ve recently revamped the aesthetic of the site to make it more easy on the eyes for viewers, and we still have plans to beautify our header even more. It’ll be great, I promise. Do give us a leg up.

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