#65. Product Empties

Just a quick post on the stuff I’ve used up in recent weeks, and a little OOTD at the end as a teaser.


Lush The Olive Branch Shower Gel and Lush American Cream Hair Conditioner. I won’t go in-depth on these two products because I did feature them in my previous post. These are the ℮250g sized bottles (the ones in the last post were ℮500g) that I finished before starting on the bigger bottles. The smaller bottles were a safe buy because I was trying out new products, but once I used and liked them, I figured that buying larger bottles were more worthwhile. I mean you can never have enough body wash and conditioner right?


Lush Fresh Face Masks in ‘Don’t Look At Me’ and ‘Brazened Honey’. Likewise, I’ll just briefly run through these, which were also mentioned in my previous posts. Great quality masks, though I didn’t repurchase them because I wanted to try the other options available. With these, it’s less a matter of how amazing they are on their own, and more of which is the most suitable for your skin.


Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micelle Solution Sensitive Skin (250 ml ℮). Not much to be said about Micellar water, except that it’s my favourite type of makeup remover. Easy to use, effective and leaves no uncomfortable residue on the skin. I still have another bottle of this, but I might venture trying other brands of Micellar cleanser just to compare the performance and price. Let me know if there are any alternative brands you’ve tested to success and if I should give them a shot!

Nivea Extra Whitening Anti-Perspirant (150 ml ℮). I’m not going to lie; I’m not very keen on this product. I bought this because it came in a discounted twin pack and I wanted to save money on these more trivial necessities. Plus the UK does not stock my preferred brand of deodorant so this was a choice of need rather than desire. What I disliked was that, first of all, it is not ‘extra whitening’. At least, not in the way one would want. Instead of being a product containing ingredients that will gradually lighten dark underarms on a more permanent molecular level, it literally just sprays a coat of white substance. The nozzle hardly even disperses the product evenly, leaving you with a concentrated patch of white powder that smears and transfers all over your clothes. Ick. Second, the scent is unbearable. It reminds me of the suffocating baby-powder perfume an old woman would like. The fragrance is so musky and cloying that when I spray it, I automatically wince and gag because it offends my nose. Suffice to say I will not be adding this to my next shopping cart at Boots.


ONSEN Micro Water Complex Floral Infusion Body Lotion (6.8 fl oz ℮ 200ml). Another disappointing product. This came in a nail care set I got for Christmas and truth be told, I used it up through sheer discipline and a dislike for wasting. While it did not fail in its primary function as a moisturiser, the consistency was difficult to work with. Perhaps it was the whole Micro Water Complex bit, but the product was so liquid-like and slippery that I just found it difficult to apply. The low viscosity hampered any attempts to control the amount of product squeezed from the tube; it would spill onto my hands in a watery deluge and drip all over my floor. And with so much product dispensed, my skin could never absorb all the lotion and felt perpetually sticky. Moreover, with so much said about the Jasmine-infused scent and goodness of Japanese hot springs, the fragrance left much to be desired.

The Body Shop Honeymania™ Body Butter (1.69 fl oz, 50 ml, 48 g). This was another Christmas gift from a close family friend and I absolutely loved it. In contrast to the ONSEN lotion, this body butter is just the way I like it: thick and creamy without an assailing fragrance. The pot packaging makes it easy to control the amount of product extracted, though I should mention that quite a bit of it will accumulate under fingernails should you like to keep them long. Although the butter is thick it feels whipped, and thus light, on the skin. It absorbs quickly and I usually don’t have to wait long before I can get dressed after applying it.  The scent, if anything, is enough to warrant a repurchase: it’s utterly divine.

And just to fill this post, here’s a little #OOTD from a recent night out. Featuring Missguided Chiffon Plunge Bodysuit in Black (£25.00)Missguided Petite Lawless High Waisted Side Zip Jeggings in Indigo (£22.00) and Dorothy Perkins Black ‘Lyndsey’ Heeled Ankle Boots (£39.00). I usually post these shameless, self-indulgent photos on my Instagram account, so if you don’t mind humouring me, please follow @thelytj. Until next time.


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  1. garnier micellar cleansing water! i think it’s really good. i like it better than my bioderma (green one for oily skin) actually ahhaha

    • Omg I just saw this! When I got back last week and had to buy makeup remover, I actually really wanted to try either that or the Simple one. Too bad I couldn’t find them so I just settled for Bifesta. Thanks for the recommendation anyway!

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